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South Windsor Pool & Poolscape Construction

With all projects it is important to establish the level of difficulty or practicality of doing a job.  Some yards may look like there is no hope of getting a usable area.  At this project we proved once again that with the right planning and design it is possible.

The first step to this project was bringing in several large truck loads of fill material and compacting each truck into place with a large vibratory roller.  Once the grade was established to a workable level, the pool was able to be dug.

With the structure of the pool in, the next part of the project was building massive boulder walls that support the pool and terrace the yard.  Next came working with the pool company to install the pool equipment and plumbing work along with an electrical contractor to power everything.

With a yard that once offered no usable space, next a trampoline and pool house were installed along with a huge patio, steps and a fire pit.  With all of the hardscape established, the part of the job to bring everything together came next.  With a tractor trailer load and more of plantings, shrubs, trees and perennials the yard was transformed from a construction site to a backyard paradise.  Finishing touches included sod and a comprehensive watering system for the sod and plantings to protect the investment that was made.

A visit to this amazing backyard has already inspired other customers to have Birch Mountain Earthworks, LLC create a backyard paradise for them!


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