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Complete yard renovation – Hartford, CT

Many landscape projects expand as they progress.  Other times it is obvious what needs to be done as a design is developed.  Within this project, when Daren first looked over the project many aspects of the landscape were considered.  First Daren went over the customer’s objectives with them.  Upon learning what was hoped to be accomplished a plan was laid out to meet those objectives.  The first order of business for an overhaul of this yard was tree pruning and removal.  Without allowing sufficient sunlight into the yard the new plantings and sod would not last too long.  Although some plants do well in shade it is limiting and the sod definitely needs sunlight.

One the tree work was done the next order of business was a clean up of the remaining debris and laying out the walkways and patio.  The hardscape of a project along with grading is the first logical component of the work.  Once these items are in place the stage is set for the planting beds as well as the new lawn areas for sod.  Although the yard looked amazing at this point, it was not comparable to what was about to come with all of the wonderful plantings that finish the landscape.

Laying out the plant materials is an exciting time for the landscape project.  It is the first time the home owner gets to see what the landscape is going to look like when it is complete.  It is at this point that the landscape comes alive.

The final touch for this project was the driveway.  With an apron of pavers up to the bluestone sidewalk you know to expect more than the average yard when you drive by this home.  The bulk of the driveway was dressed with a three quarter inch CT natural stone the customer picked out from the Birch Mountain Earthworks, LLC showroom.  The stone reminded the customer of stone they had seen while vacationing in Cape Cod, MA and they knew it was the perfect touch to complete their landscape.


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