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Avon, CT Interlocking Paver Patio with Fire Pit

One of the most popular items today that is added to a new patio is a fire pit.  In this example we have used small boulder stones to create this fire pit.  The patio does go around the entire pit to allow for seating for several people.  One of the most interesting parts to this  entertainment area is the large boulder stone that is used as a bench seat.  Within the construction of the landscape project this large boulder stone was found!  It was carefully placed off to the side to be used for this purpose.

Often times when locating a fire pit within any landscape there are a few key elements to consider.  First and most important is safety.  When placing the fire pit it is critical to be sure that it is far enough away from anything that could catch fire.  The next part to consider is to make sure you have plenty of room around it for seating.  It is likely the fire pit will become more popular that one may anticipate.  Having extra room always comes in handy.


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