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Farmington, CT Interlocking Retaining Walls including Steps & Pavers & Landscaping

With a sloping front yard a creative way to transition an elevation change is with a terraced wall system.  Here the Rinox interlocking concrete wall system has been used for the wall structure.  Six foot granite steps are used in this example for the steps leading from the driveway to the front walkway.  An advantage to the granite steps is that they are one solid piece of stone.  They are not slippery like a granite counter would be which is a common question.  Rather than a polished finish they have a very natural finish.  The best way to see what that is would be to come by the displays on Route 5 in South Windsor to see the comprehensive displays at Birch Mountain Earthworks, LLC.

The walkway in this example is constructed with Interlocking Concrete Pavers.  A big advantage with the pavers is that they can move with frost action during a freeze – thaw cycle.  Unlike poured concrete that often will crack and break apart under the same type of conditions.

Finishing the landscape is the plantings, topsoil, mulch and lawn work.  On any landscape project, this part is what gives the finish look to the job.  The other advantage to the landscape component of the project is that it acts to stabilize the soil to help cut down on erosion as the new landscape is becoming established.


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