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Glastonbury, CT Stone Retaining Wall

One of the most popular styles of walls built today are natural stone boulder walls.  Structurally they are a superior design because of the physical mass of the boulders themselves.  Specialized equipment is used to bring them into the yard and create the example that is shown here at a home in Glastonbury, CT.  The walls are constructed with a set back.  What that means is that the walls are actually leaning back into the slope they are supporting.  This way, the weight of the wall itself is acting to help hold itself in place.

Birch Mountain Earthworks, LLC has extensive experience in boulder wall building.  Literally hundreds of tons of boulders are used every year to construct amazing stone walls throughout Connecticut.  Most of the walls constructed have been created with stone brought in from the large inventory of boulders at the Birch Mountain Earthworks, LLC materials yard located on Route 5 in South Windsor.  Some landscape projects do utilize stone that is already on site.  Often times if an addition is added to a house or a new inground pool is installed boulders are discovered and certainly can be used for this purpose.

It is important to mention that every wall is unique.  No two walls look alike.  The best way to get a feel for the stone is to visit a variety of projects.  In addition a trip over to the materials yard will show the large variety of stone that is used to construct the walls.


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