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Create a Small Piece of Paradise Right in your own Backyard!

Summer is finally here which means it’s time for cookouts, swimming, and vacation time! Many of us choose vacation destinations near beaches and lakes, or stay at hotels that have beautiful pools and water features. However, we don’t necessarily have to travel to the lake region of upstate New York or the beaches of the Cape to enjoy the water. Why not bring the water right into your own backyard by installing a beautiful water garden!
                 July is National Water Gardening Month! A water garden can greatly enhance your landscape and transform your backyard into a private resort. Small ponds are very calming, especially when combined with a manmade stream or waterfall that creates a relaxing background noise. They could be located in a quiet corner of the yard, or right off one of our Rinox paver patios. Water features are outfitted with boulders of all different shapes and size that create a natural, rustic setting around the water. The base of the pond is lined with gravel and beautiful aquatic plants, such as Irises, Waterlilies, Papyrus, Cattails, & Lotus. These plants add color and texture to the pond, and soften the rock edges with help from terrestrial plants. Plants and Koi Fish are essential additions to water features, not only for the beauty and visual interest, but also for their profound effect on maintaining a healthy pond. Water gardens can be designed and customized in any way to best suit your yard! They are a beautiful, low maintenance addition to the landscape that can create a small piece of paradise right in your own backyard!


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