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Light up the Night with Landscape Lighting!

            With the weather warming up, we all want to be outside as much as possible, so why only enjoy your landscape during the daylight? By adding low voltage lighting, you can greatly increase the use of your exterior surroundings throughout all hours of the day.  

              Landscape Lighting can be placed around decks, patios, pools, and  recreational areas to increase their usability after sundown. It can be used to beautifully accentuate trees and planting beds, highlight distinct architectural features of homes and buildings, and capture the swaying water of pools and water features. Light fixtures can be positioned in different ways to create unique effects, specific to your property and landscape.

               Landscape Lighting is not just for aesthetic purposes, it is very functional for safety and security reasons. Strategically placed light fixtures allow residents and visitors to safely find their way along pathways and steps after dark. Low voltage lighting is also very important for illuminating dark niches around the property where unwanted visitors could hide.

             Low voltage landscape lighting is an ideal alternative to expensive high voltage outdoor lighting. Low voltage systems operate at 30 volts or less, consuming 1/3 of the electricity of high voltage systems while producing the same light intensity. These systems are also far less expensive to install, and much easier to maintain. They can be programmed to operate on a timer, or photocell, so that the lights will automatically come on when the sun goes down.

              The next time you plan a summer cookout, consider how nice it would be to have your yard illuminated by an energy efficient, aesthetically beautiful lighting system. Impress your guests by showing off your house and entertaining areas at all hours of the day, and maximize the use of your exterior surroundings!


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